Having a big person job

While more often than not I like what I do for a living, there are times like now where I just want to throw in the towel and get a job that does not involve dealing with insane customers. I understand that most jobs deal with the public or customers in some fashion but sometimes I am just not in the mood to be the person in charge who has to deal with the complaints and screaming that comes with them not getting exactly what they want.

There are times that I sit and think what would my life be like if I was to just work at a place where i have no authority and can simple go in and do my job and leave it at the door when I go home. There are many nights where I just want to shut my phone and email off and be left alone.

Enough with my rant. It really is a gorgeous day and is thankfully moving along rather quickly. Thinking that I want to go home and do some baking.


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